How to get to the hotel

From “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport & Piraeus port
If you are arriving to Athens by plane or ship and you don’t have your own vehicle, the most convenient way to reach Nafplion is by rental car or intercity bus. 

Athens / Piraeus to Nafplion by car
The distance from Athens to Nafplion is 137 km and it is about a 2-hour drive, depending on traffic and vehicle speed. Follow the Athens-Corinth highway, pass Corinth and follow the signs leading to the Corinth-Tripolis highway (Exit to Argos & Nafplio). Head to Argos and from there follow the signs to Nea Kios. 

Athens / Piraeus to Nafplion by bus 
Buses to Argos and Nafplion depart from the Intercity Bus Station in Kifissos, Athens every hour, and the trip takes about 2 hours. 
“El. Venizelos” airport to Nafplion by suburban railway
The suburban railway departs from the airport to Corinth, which is the terminal station. From the terminal station get a taxi (5 min. drive) to the Corinth Canal bus station where you can catch the bus to Argos-Nafplion. 

From Patras to Nafplion
Patras is 183 km away from Nafplion. Follow the Patras-Athens highway and look for the signs leading to the Corinth-Tripolis highway and then to Argos and Nea Kios.