Breakfast Buffet

Our hotel is a proud member of the “Greek Breakfast” network of hotels, certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

greek breakfast

With our breakfast buffet we turn a daily ritual into an unrivalled gastronomic experience

Genuine hospitality at Alexandros Boutique Hotel is complemented with a sumptuous breakfast buffet - a feast of Greek and Mediterranean flavors daily prepared for you with love and special care.
For a great start of your day, try fresh tasty creations made with hand-picked, local products that will both energize you and make you familiar with authentic Greek gastronomy at its very best!  

Classic Greek delicacies
Relish freshly baked multigrain or peasant bread with home-made jams and tahini, savor seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as freshly squeezed orange juice with all the vitamins you need. Top your yoghurt with a variety of traditional sweet preserves, our own produced honey, nuts and dried fruits and accompany your coffee with a flavored loukoumi (Turkish delight). 

Traditional local flavors
Genuine traditional flavors have their own special place on our breakfast buffet. You can enjoy eggs in a variety of ways (poached, omelet, fried, boiled, or local “kagianas” with some locally produced cheese on the side from Limnes and Tracheia known for its original taste.
Don’t miss trying fragrant creams or rice puddings with an exceptionally rich texture prepared daily by local cheese-makers.

Handmade delights – sweet and savory
Do you love crispy tarts, fluffy cakes and sweet and savory pies? So do we! On our breakfast buffet you will find traditional handmade cheese pie, cheese and ham pie and spinach pie, homemade quiche with spinach and cheese, delightful sweet and savory cakes made by our kitchen experts. 
Looking for the perfect match for a cup of coffee or tea? Indulge into heavenly handmade pastries and sweet pies: apple pie, pastafrola, fruit tart, lemon pie and orange pie – fresh, fragrant and absolutely delicious!  

The power of super foods
Looking for new, healthy breakfast suggestions for ultimate wellness? Our breakfast buffet features a wide variety of colorful, aromatic super foods of great nutritional value. You can create unlimited combinations of flavors and textures by selecting different red berries (cranberry, blueberries, raspberries, goji berries), as well as buckthorn, wheatgrass, quinoa, chia seeds, spirulina, flax seed, rose, etc. for a balanced and delicious breakfast.

Enjoy our breakfast buffet daily from 07.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

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